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Brownie camera

Box Brownie – Telling the Story

Box Brownie Cameras - telling the story in pictures There’s something fascinating about old cameras, or at least ones that ...
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Rain on leaves

Seeing in Small Spaces

It's surprising what you see when you start to look. There's a certain sense of clarity you get the moment ...
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/ Depth of field, Small spaces

Thinking outside the box

Short of space? This could be the solution One of the things that modern offices are short of is space, ...
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Tree felling

Gardening on a Grand Scale

Gardening on a Grand Scale Tending the average garden is usually a pleasure. Digging, weeding, pruning, mowing and so on ...
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/ Forestry, Gardening, Learning
Quintessential Quarters

Pets Like Holidays Too

Pets Like Holidays Too The family dog or cat is just that - a part of the family. In an ...
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/ Holidays, Pets

It’s not about the camera

At its simplest a camera - any camera - is a box with a hole in it. Opposite the hole is something ...
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/ Cameras, Learning, Photography
Burnt out forest

Learning to see – with a camera

Learning to see - with a camera Photographer Jim Richardson said “If you want to be a better photographer, stand ...
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/ Creativity, Learning, Photography
Tony Montgomery cuts glass for a picture frame

Tony Montgomery – Picture Framer

Tony Montgomery - Picture Framer This is a world where millions of photographs are seen on Facebook for just a few ...
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/ Craft
Siv Scotton preparing a batch of crisp bread

Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine thy Food

Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine thy Food Siv Scotton makes crisp bread. Siv, by the way, is Norwegian ...
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/ Food, Healthy living
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