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It’s not about the camera

Posted on 19th March 2017 by David under Cameras, Learning, Photography
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An early camera

An early camera

At its simplest a camera – any camera – is a box with a hole in it. Opposite the hole is something sensitive to light and you work the camera by controlling the amount of light that gets through the hole. The controls involved are simple.

My cameras are just like that. Admittedly they have high quality lenses instead of a simple hole and a large sensor that can work in quite a range of lighting conditions. There’s also a clever computer in there somewhere that controls all the bells and whistles should I decide to use any. And yes, it does have a little green square for fully automatic photography, though there are much cheaper ways to get a point and shoot camera. Essentially, though, my camera is still only a box with a hole in it, and the controls are still fundamentally simple.

Photography isn’t about the camera as such. It’s about how the camera is used, and about the person who uses it. When you hire a photographer you are in fact buying time and vision and skill. You buy time because the photographer has spent many hours, years even, learning how to use the camera. You buy vision because in learning to use the camera the photographer has also been learning how to see and apply his individual style.  And you buy skill in applying all this to the story you want to tell. The photographer will see, understand, interpret, and condense what he sees into the final image. A 2D image represents a 3D scene that involves light and sound and smells and texture and character. An image that tells a story about the scene.

That eye-catching photograph in a magazine isn’t there to fill up the page.  It is the result of thought, and skill, and effort, plus time back at base to develop the image digitally. Picking up a camera and pressing the shutter button is just one small part of a longer process. It’s the process, and the photographer, that gives you the images that help you tell your story.

If you’d like help to tell the story of your business in photographs, please give me a call on 07977142146.

Confused by all the knobs and buttons on your own camera and wish you could take a decent photograph? I can help you with that too. A basic understanding of that box with a hole in it goes a long way. If you’d like help to make sense of the bells and whistles on your camera please give me a call. The number is on the contact page.

Old Polaroid camera

Old Polaroid camera

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